Sunday, May 24, 2009

Offical Dreadnought Drinks

Bols Deep in Cider: 20 oz Strongbow, 1 oz. "Bols" vodka.

The Shane MacGowan:
20 oz Guinness, 1 oz. Gin.

Cider Bomb: 20 oz Strongbow, 1 oz. Rye dropped vigorously into glass. Result: explosion.

Pils'n'Er: 1 oz sambuca, 1 oz. tequila, 1 multivitamin (powdered), 1 capsule of fish oil (forms layer on top).

The Dirty Cider:
20 oz. Cider, 4 oz. dirt.

Stay tuned for our new video series, "Will They Drink It?", where Seamus will attempt to drink the first Pils n' Er ever made!


  1. The InCider Trader: 20 oz. Cider. First person fills their mouth with cider then passes it along to the next person, orally. Continue until all mouths have been filled. Then never speak of this event again.

    The Blind Cider: Hold 20 oz. Cider in right hand. Sneak up behind the drummer, cover eyes with left hand tilt head back until mouth is forced open. Pour.

    The Road Cider Assistance: Passengers hold 20 oz. Cider out window of van. Lean out of window to drink. Technically you have no open liquor "inside" the vehicle. Not recommended when combined with The Speed Trap.

  2. The She Let Me In Cider: Poorly made unsweetened homebrew cider, Icecream Birthday cake + Icing.
    Mix and chug. First person to get an onlooker to try it wins.
    Also I think Andrew should be renamed Squidquach.