Saturday, March 25, 2017

Doing it Right

What happens when you take a six-year hiatus and stay away from places you used to play all the time?  Places like Calgary, Edmonton and Kamloops, BC?  Well, a string of sold-out shows, that's what.  Holy crap.  Thanks so, so much to everyone who came out to see us again, we don't deserve your loyalty after all this time and we're honoured to have it anyway.

We're glad you liked the new lineup... Wormley Wangersnitch continues to slay on the violin, and the new accordion player, Leroy, "Slow Ride" McBride is truly a wizard on what the French call La boîte de écraser.  Also, uh... not a single one of you noticed this, but, uh, you've all seen Leroy play in this band before.  Same guy.  New stage name.  Ya friggin' mooks.



The new album is COMING ALONG NICELY.  We spent 4 days in a cabin in D'Arcy, British Columbia, writing polkas, waltzes, folk songs and punk songs.  This is how it went:

The Fang

And we go into the studio on April 25th to start laying it all down.  Watch the Facebook page for updates, eh!  AND THANK YOU AGAIN!!!!!!11111111111