Sunday, March 27, 2011

Fan Mail

This is a recent email from K***, a high-school teacher in Jasper, Alberta.  She enjoyed some of our show but seems to have had some problems with some of our stage presentation.  Here is the e-mail she sent in full, unedited:


I watch you guys play in Jasper, AB at the Downstream bar the other night.  Lots of talent!  However, you drank way to much during the two sets.  Your second set was awful.  Taking off all your clothes was disgusting.  Usually I like guys in speedos but I was disturbed.  Plus there was 90% males in the bar.  It was a bad decision.  You shouldn't do that at your next show.  At least some of you covered you genitals with your musical instruments but the larger guy was too much to handle.   Thought you might want to know from a girls perspective.  If the second set never happened or you can promise it won't happen again I will spread the word you are worth seeing.

And here is our response, unedited:

Dear K****:

We are thrilled, capital-t Thrilled at your offer to "spread the word" about our fledgling group in the huge, bustling metropolis of Jasper, Alberta.  As everyone knows, Jasper, Alberta is where Nickelback got their start and we cannot wait to follow in their mighty footsteps.  We will of course make any and all changes to our show that you request.  However, you should know that if we had a nickel for every time a woman thought our bass player was "too much to handle", we would have more money than Nickelback!

Your Friends,

The Dreadnoughts