Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Six Years Later... A New Album!

...well, hello me lovelies!  Goodness, it's been a while, hasn't it?  So much has changed in the past six years, why, it's hard to summarize it all.  The global economic collapse, the tragic war in Lithuania, David Bowie's untimely election to the presidency, and the departure of so many beloved heroes, such as Phife Dawg, Phife Dawg, and Phife Dawg.  Too much to talk about!

So let's just stick to the business at hand.  As for the Dreadnoughts, aye, well, there's the rub.  (What does "there's the rub" mean? Is it some vague Shakespearean reference to what Squid Vicious rather confusingly calls a "hand shandy"?  No-one knows!  Stay tuned!) 

So, the Dreadnoughts.  Oh, wait, sorry.  We didn't do that right.  Since this is 2017, every time you type out your band name you must do so with a hyperlink to your Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, SnapChat, and Hypertron pages to increase "global digital branding exposure".

So, THE DREADNOUGHTS.  What's new with us?  Well, we're making a new album. Releasing the album in late summer 2017.  It's both new and it's an album.  In addition, we've just discovered that "album" is definitely one of those words that looks super weird when you read it a few times.

And this new album... it's a concept album.  To our knowledge there has not yet been a folk-punk concept album.  We've not going to tell you what the concept is, but in a genre that is mostly "fiddly-diddly-drink [repeat]", we thought we'd add something new to the pile.  Something a little more meaningful.  We hope you buy like it.

Oh, and please say hello to two new members of the band, Wormley Wangersnitch (violin) and [TBD] (Accordion):


You can catch this phenomenal new lineup at our 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY shows Calgary (Mar 10), Edmonton (Mar 11), and Vancouver (Mar 17-18), and at a few more locations in the summer.