Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Week I

An INSANE few days for the Dreadnoughts. Where to begin?

We'll begin with Rupert the Bear and his injury (and subsequent recovery) in Hamburg, Germany:

Then, we go to a report by Seamus O'Flanahan, describing his favourite parts of the tour so far:

Coming back from Copenhagen, we encountered -20C weather, high winds, and snow drifts. We quickly learned that Danish men are 60000% more manly than we are:

In Kassel, Druzil displayed his extraordinary talents for the locals:

Finally, today in Spangenberg... Squid Vicious decided to concoct an entirely novel dish, the Choco-Herringdog:

All in all... well... fuck.


  1. Don't worry, be Happy!!

  2. Andrew... Fuck... That's discusting man!

    X from Amsterdam

  3. http://michalbarzycki.blogspot.com/2010/05/dreadnoughts-sanok-rudera-21052010r.html