Sunday, January 24, 2010

Career Opportunities

Last night we played a sort of irish-punk showcase, with some great bands and a big hall and everything. Normally, a band would use this opportunity to carefully craft an excellent set of music and to make some useful contacts.

"Normally" is really the key word, there. Instead of doing these things, we decided to:
  1. Drink 16 litres of cider before the show,
  2. Run around the venue with the words "fuck Ireland" written all over our skin in black sharpie,
  3. Threaten to beat the living shit out of a banjo player in another band,
  4. Barf on stage,
  5. Empty about two pints of Seamus' blood onto the stage via his mangled elbow,
  6. NOT cut a plush sheep in half, (definitely not. we don't even know which sheep you're talking about), and,
  7. Play a show which was later described--charitably--as "disturbing" and "avant-garde",



  1. haha, can you do that again in solothurn please?

    the show in berne was awesome:)

  2. can't wait for a video with Tio ;]