Thursday, July 2, 2009

Canada Day in Amsterdam

Well: we have officially gone up six levels as a band. We're at level 32. Why? Three words:

Mushrooms. On. Stage.

That's right: on stage in Amsterdam, The Stupid Swedish Bastard dropped mushrooms and proceeded to play the set.

The man who sold us the mushrooms told him to take, at most, 7.5 grams. He dropped 15.

The set was epic.

Afterwards was even more epic.

Adjectives cannot do justice to the epic. The Stupid Swede ended up at some town 30 kilometers away, jumping into canals with Dutch people while holding a beer and a lit smoke, climbing apartment buildings and stealing plants off of people's balconies, and writing "TEGAN AND SARA" in giant letters on his chest. Europeans simply had no idea what to make of him.



  1. I'm glad you guys are having such a wicked good time. I'm a little jealous of everything you are getting to do... See you guys in just over a month and a half!

  2. Hey, for what its worth, I've got a halfway decent video of the mushroom taking moment. Threw it up on youtube for ya (If you'll excuse the lack of a proper title and whatnot)